Why plywood is costlier than particle boards

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Why plywood is costlier than particle boards

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Particle boards are made from small particles of wood (sawdust and flakes) that are usually by-products obtained while cutting up wood for other purposes. These waste materials are mixed with glue, and the mixture is firmly hot-pressed together to turn it into sheets of wood, which is then sold as particle boards. These boards are weaker in strength, and do not have much water-resistance capability.
On the other hand, plywood is made from wood veneers, which are thin slices of wood obtained by rotary-cutting and peeling logs obtained from trees. The wood used for making plywood is usually of a good quality hardwood. Hence plywood is much stronger compared to Particle boards and even MDF. In addition to this the water resistance properties of plywood can be increased significantly by the use of phenolic resins, as is done in the case of BWR grade and Marine grade plywood, so that it becomes adequately water-proof.

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