Who's the worst teacher you've had?

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Who's the worst teacher you've had?

Postautor: breckjensen 01 lis 2017, 10:42

I know who. It was my 6th grade music teacher. She racially discriminated me, gave me bad participation grades for no reason, took 3/4 of the class taking attendace DeadSleepUpset, and blamed me when my friends were talking. She also kept all the fans on the left side of the room, so basically half of the class was extremely cold UhohWtf and half of the class was fiery hot Cuckoo. Basically torture for me. Fu Not to mention it was my FIRST ELECTIVE in my FIRST year of middle school...

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Re: Who's the worst teacher you've had?

Postautor: myszek 04 cze 2021, 7:54

Every teacher was different, and that's what's beautiful. Teachers, they also shaped our knowledge and perception of the world and other people in some way.

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