Ritmo auto start ?

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Ritmo auto start ?

Postautor: breckjensen 30 paź 2017, 17:47

Just been analysising a few jobs I've used ritmo on now , forgot to ask this before ,

On the last spray (ocr) i sprayed for a while then turned air off which obviously stopped the machine ,placed gun into bucket and was repositioning myself ( awkward access) and sorting other bits ,

Anyways after a while ( tbh I can't remember how long ) the machine started up again on its own (material still in hopper full ) so I opened the air again to release some material into my bucket (only a slight few seconds) then turned air off again, all was fine and machine stopped,

My question is does this normally happen as the machine knows to kick start itself so the gear doesn't get stuck in pipes ?
Obviously in an ideal scenario I should just spray till it's done but just wanted to know for future reference that this auto start thing is normal? If it's not what was it ?

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