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It begins in the name of God
learning tajweed

When you start something that says "in the name of God", be aware of what you mean. Let's start in the name of God and for the love of God.
Learning quran school

Remember the following verse every time you say the basmalah,

Say: my prayers, prayers, my life, my life and my death are for God, Lord of the worlds.

Say: my prayer, my rituals, my sacrifice, my sustenance and my death will be for God, the Lord of the worlds. [6: 162]

Take care of your voice

Our voice is a very precious gift that God has given us and allows us to speak God's words. So, let's take a few steps to increase the power of our voice:

You don't risk catching a cold. If you are prone to this, avoid cold drinks, ice cream, etc.
Avoid dry throat: Dehydration causes friction inside the throat, which causes our voice to explode and tires the vocal cords and muscles. To avoid this:
Drink lots of water at night
Don't take things that dry our throats, for example. Tablets of caffeine, chocolate and antihistamines. If you have a prohibited habit of smoking, stop smoking to save yourself from bad voice and worse health problems.
Avoid smoky and noisy environments

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