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Ramadan is approaching! Ramadan is the month of the Quran, the month of its recitation, memorization, understanding and study and it makes the Quran a part of our life and everything we do! In order to maximize the recitation of the Quran during this month in which it was revealed, let us consider some obstacles in the way and ways to deal with them and improve our ability to recite.
learning tajweed

Set smart goals
Learning quran school

S = Specific: decide what to read. Don't just say, "I'll read a little bit of the Koran," say, "I'll read the whole Koran twice during the month."

M = Measurable: Having measurable goals allows you to see your progress at a glance at any time and helps you adjust your goals later. For example, for each day of the Quran, divide the pages you want to finish during the month by 30, then set it as a measurable goal for the day, something like: "I will read 20 pages of the Quran every day."

A = Achievable: Goals should be challenging to stimulate your learning skills and at the same time not so hard to dampen your spirit. If your regular acting ability is 2 pages a day, don't just think you can read 30 pages a day during Ramadan.

R = Relevant: Goals must be relevant to your life and your surroundings. You cannot determine the goal of writing a translation of the Koran yourself if you have no knowledge of the Arabic language.

T = Timed: Set a time limit to reach your goal, for example the last day of Ramadan.

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